Google Maps Generator for single locaion

  • Google Maps API ver. 3
  • Location Pointer is draggable. Put that on location which you want to show.
  • Location Pointer is always stay in the map.
  • Coordinates and Zoom Level will input automatically.
  • API Key is required after June 11, 2018, so please get it from here
  • I think it is very simple and easy.
  • Author cannot reply to your technical inquiry.
  • Please use this program by the self-responsibility.
1. Location setting
You have three ways to set the location.
  1. Drag the pointer on the map and put the target location.
  2. Set location by address.
  3. Input the coordinate directly.

Try to set location by address

* In some cases, you can not position acquisition from Address.
2. Map Settings
Zoom Level
Map Type
Map Size x * Width / Height
Map Position Put Map Center
3. Balloon Settings
Display Show Balloon Default
Main Text